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meet the artist

Hi there lovelies, my name is Amelia. I was born and raised in beautiful Northern Michigan and now live in the Grand Rapids area. I’m a 20 year old college student working for a degree in Graphic Design and Advertising and Public Relations. I am optimistic, hardworking and have a broad range of styles as an artist and designer. I have experience with art forms such as printmaking, painting, digital painting, ceramics, illustration and logo design. 

 Who I am as a person, has largely been shaped from my relationships in life as a sister, student, teammate, friend and a daughter. I think that we are all a fragment of the people that surround us and this may end up shaping who you are more than an experience will. These relationships, especially my family relationships have taught me acceptance, patience, the value of humor, and above all to forgive and love one another. Every member of my family growing up was drastically different. This helped shape me into someone who is generally very accepting of other beliefs and lifestyles. We all also love to joke and value humor a lot in our household. This is why I think I value it so much in my relationships today. My relationships also taught me that I am the type of person who will forgive someone almost no matter what. I find that anger is a draining emotion that takes more energy to maintain than it is worth. It is easier to acknowledge the feeling, express it to the individual and then move on from it. 

 Travel has always been a passion of mine and has inspired many of my pieces as an artist. In the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to go on an amazing road trip to five different U.S. National Parks. This helped me to broaden my style and create landscape pieces. Before this trip I hadn’t experimented with this subject matter, but ended up finding it enjoyable. My personal goal is to travel to all 62 of the National Parks before I turn 30 and create a piece of art inspired by each one. 

Equally as important to my work as an artist is my love of nature and spirituality. I believe that it is fundamental to living a full life for every person to consider their personal spirituality. This will answer many of life’s biggest questions, and I think that it helps you with your general understanding of the world. I also think that nature and spirituality go hand in hand, we are all inherently spiritual beings living on this Earth.   As a person, I am a huge supporter of environmental sustainability and aim to make a low impact when creating pieces and in everyday life. I try to reuse as much as I can and have begun to try out digital art as a way of reducing my waste. Nature is also a subject of many of my pieces, whether that be animals or plant life. I think so often people begin to take the beauty of the world for granted and don’t stop to consider that their personal habits have a large impact on the environment. 

One of my main goals as an artist and as a person, is to help people to rediscover this beauty and to learn to appreciate the mundane as well as the extraordinary. I think so often people are consumed by what the world is telling them to look at, or think about that they forget about other views or choices. People end up caring about things just because they think they have to. I want to live in a world full of passionate people who are full of love and can appreciate different types of people and thoughts. I would love everyone to know what they stand for and why. I think this is something that I myself need to work on. 

I have worked with many different types of people and I believe this experience has helped me to learn to be more accepting and understanding. I have worked on a logo for a small startup lawn care company, designed a pin for an EDM fanatic, and also done a series of watercolor paintings for a client. I have been given a complete set of instructions while doing work, then the next time having completely free range. These work experiences have given me a wide range of experiences that I believe will help me in the future as a professional Graphic Designer. These experiences have also allowed me to improve my skills with the Adobe suite. I still have a lot to learn, but I am beginning to have a good understanding of almost all of the programs offered.

While doing work for a client I find communication to be highly important. Typically when they first reach out to me via email or text, I like to know what their general expectations are and what they are looking for. Then if we agree to work with each other, I ask them more specific questions about what they are looking for in the piece. Typically I will draw up a few design ideas and ask them to choose the one they like best and if they have any suggestions. From there I will work on the piece making sure to send many images along the way, so that if I am going in the wrong direction, the client can inform me. I try very hard to accommodate everyone’s personal style and needs while staying true to myself. 

Right now, in 2021, I love who I am. I am strong, hardworking, generally healthy, and love making art. As an artist, I am still working to develop a cohesive style, but that takes time, which I have a lot of. In life I am very determined to beat the “starving artist” stereotype. As a person, I still have a lot of growing to do. In the future I want to learn to be more decisive and to stand up more for my passions. I think that in time, with more experiences and relationships I will become better than these skills. I am excited to see what the future holds.

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